Projects and Partnerships

Do not be afraid…  iPad technology is here!

Thanks to the support of Hobson’s Bay Community Fund, we have been given the wonderful opportunity of connecting our members to the World Wide Web!

With the purchase of iPads and internet connectivity and training opportunities, our volunteers and members have participated in a basic introductory course on how to use this current technology to keep in touch with world news and events, and more importantly to connect with relatives and friends using real-time communication!

This technology is still new to many of our older members, but this project offers our members the opportunity to not only communicate with friends both near and far, but also participate in community events through “live-streaming” technology, right in the comfort of their own home – or perhaps hospital bed! – when travel to these events is either difficult or just not possible. Community engagement will be made possible for those who have previously been isolated due to illness or remote locality.

We are excited to announce we have completed the 6-week introductory course as part of this project during 2018 – so watch this space for more news and updates!

(Photo credit below: Cr Sandra Wilson took this photo when she visited our last session as part of the “Connecting Up” project on the 12th of November. Thanks also to Jeff, our technical expert for his helpful advice and expertise during the course).










Marvellous Memories of the Motherland
– Multigenerational mural project at the Finnish Hall

The FFVS is being supported by Hobson’s Bay City Council to complete a beautification and mural painting project on the grounds of the Finnish Hall.

The idea is to connect our elderly members with the younger generation of Finns who use the hall and to come up with a permanent memento of our Finnish background and heritage, by designing and painting a mural – and at the same time, beautifying the shipping container on the premises of the Finnish Society of Melbourne.

This comes as a perfect wrap up of 2017, which was full of celebrations to mark 100 years of Finland’s independence, and will connect all generations of the Finnish community in a collaborative artwork which will be seen by generations to come.

Together with an artist-in-residence, the rather dull storage container will become a thing of beauty, reminding all who use the facilities just where we come from and where they are standing – proud to be in this lucky country of ours, and proud of a heritage so far away yet held warmly in our hearts and minds forever.


The project was commenced, with painting sessions conducted which included the children of the Suomikoulu, and the final completed work was unveiled at the Finnish Society of Melbourne’s mid-summer lunch on 24th of June 2018. Well done!






Food Re-generation and waste minimisation

Hobson’s Bay City Council, together with the staff and members of the FFVS, are always keen to support projects which help to minimise our impact on the environment.

With council’s support, we are pleased to announce we are expanding on our composting and waste reduction with the purchase of 2 Bokashi bins, which we have already started to put to good use. These bins help by breaking down food scraps we wouldn’t normally be able to place into the regular compost bins, into material that can be composted and transformed into nutrients for our vegetable garden.

As part of the project, we have already run an introductory information session for our members on ways we can reduce our food wastage, and plan an excursion to CERES Community Environment Park for a tour of their environment park to gain some insight on other ways we can help the planet we live in, and see what others are doing to contribute to a better environment.

This project will be undertaken during 2018, and we look forward to sharing ideas with other members of the community too.