Fishing excursion

ffvsLokakuun viimeisenä Tiistai-aamuna oli innokas porukka menossa kalastusretkelle Australian Trout Famille Macclesfieldissa. Pikkubussi kuljetti porukkaa kauniin vuoriston ympäristöön, ja matka kesti vähän yli tunnin.

Aurinko välillä paistoi lämpimästi, makkarat paistoi BBQ’lla, komeita kaloja tuli monille ihmisille, ja lopussa vauhdikas Molkyn peli.

Paivan lopussa kun saavuimme takaisin Altonaan, ja bussikuskille taputuksen jalkeen, moni kysyivat “milloin on seuraava matka ja mihin me olemme menossa?!”

Jos sinulla on ideoita mihin päiväretkille haluat osallistua, ota yhteys meihin.

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Fire Safety talk


On Monday the 3rd of June, we were delighted to welcome Dave from the local MFB (Metropolitan Fire Brigade) to provide an informative talk on fire safety. The presentation was entertaining and after a brief history of the MFB Dave captivated the audience with important safety tips within the home including: placement and maintenance of smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, deadlocks, electrical power boards, flammable materials and heating devices.

Dave passed around some items for people to have a hands-on look at some of the equipment used around the home, but most impressive was a shiny brass helmet which was in use up until 1973.

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The program was followed by a program of gentle exercise and a warming lunch befitting the cool weather of the season.

‘Aivoriihi’ programs run on the first Monday of every month, and our next event will be held on 1 July at Sanctuary Lakes Hotel for a buffet lunch: Christmas in July. More information in our events calendar.

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Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

On Monday, 20 May 2013, Hellevi Vesalainen hosted an event to raise money for Cancer research.
Our “Australia’s BIGGEST MORNING TEA” event raised $91.25, and the clients were treated to freshly brewed coffee, cinnamon buns (pulla), and other treats.

A very big THANK YOU for all the donations from our lovely clients!


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World’s Greatest Shave

ffvsffvsOn Monday, the 18th of March, one of our support workers had her head shaved in order to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

Here is Hellevi, before and after the shave, which one of our co-coordinators, Maarit, was more than happy to perform.

Good on you, Hellevi, for being so brave!







To make a donation to the Leukaemia Foundation, visit their website at, or go to



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