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About us

Founded in 1996, Finnish Friendly Visiting Service Inc. (FFVS) is a Commonwealth Home Support Program for elderly Finns in Melbourne.

Who we are

The Finnish Friendly Visiting Service Inc. is a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home and Community Care (HACC-PYP) funded social support service. It was developed in response to the findings of the Study of Social Service Needs of Elderly Finns in Melbourne, conducted in 1996. The research was the first of its kind targeting the Finnish population of Victoria. The major findings of the study revealed that a high percentage of the Finnish population is aged 60 and over, and that there was a lack of awareness and limited use of HACC services. The key recommendations of the research were to develop processes that facilitate the on-going provision of information about available services and to provide a community development worker.    


Our mission is to provide a quality social and home support service to meet the culturally responsive and appropriate needs of the Finnish aged, frail and disabled population and their carers of Melbourne.

Goals & objectives

Our goal is to:

Enhance quality of life

Promote and maintain independence

Promote positive ageing

Promote holistic wellbeing

Bring people together and advance community connection

Provide purpose and meaning to life

Maintain dignity and self-esteem

Alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation

to assist the client to stay at home longer, thus minimising the risk of premature or inappropriate long-term residential care

deliver planned activity groups that inspire, refresh and educate


The FFVS is a not for profit incorporated association which is managed by a community-based Committee of Management. The FFVS Committee consists of the two representatives from each of the following organisations: Finnish Lutheran Church (FLC), Finnish Pentecostal Church (FPC), Finnish Society of Melbourne (FSM).

Johtokunta 2023 –


Pirjo Kauppinen

Vice Chairperson

Ian Vainikka


Anna Da Silva-Correia


Leonard Walin-Bates

Ordinary Committee Member

Kauko Huuhtanen

Community Representatives

Finnish Society of Melbourne

Tuire Kuraharju-Huisman & Lauri Jortikka

Volunteer representative

James Henderson

Client representative

Pirjo Kauppinen

Finnish Lutheran Church (FLC)

Contact members:
Tuire Kuraharju-Huisman & Lauri Jortikka

Finnish Pentecostal Church (FPC)

Contact members:
Pirjo Kauppinen & Leonard Walin-Bates

Our volunteers

Volunteers are a valuable and integral part of FFVS services. Volunteers will be supported by the agency through regular supervision by the volunteer coordinator, clear roles descriptions, the agency policies and procedures, and ongoing training and development. FFVS aims to match clients with suitable volunteers for Friendly Visiting Program – Social Support for Individuals – and in the Social Support (activity) Groups.